Can I pay with a credit card, wire transfer or PayPal?

Merxum platform is a crypto based marketplace and it’s only possible to pay with accepted crypto currency, all transactions are carried in cryptocurrency.

How do I know if the products offered on Merxum marketplace are genuine?

You don’t have to worry about product quality or authenticity, all orders placed on Merxum maketplace are going through Merxum logisitics warehouse and get inspected before it’s shipped to you. We work only with reputable vendors and if there are some issues or mistakes with the product we solve it with the vendor.

How my payment is protected?

Your payment is full secured by Merxum, when you place an order on Merxum platform your payment placed in escrow, then the vendor delivers your order to one of our logistics points, we check the product and only after your payment released to the vendor.

Do you provide dropshipping service?

Yes, all tangle products offered on Merxum are eligible for dropshpping, when you place an order on Merxum, mention the shipping address, the address of your customer and add in notes “dropship order”.

How my order is shipped?

We are partnering will major express and shipping companies and having our hub logistics center in Hong Kong we are able to deliver orders worldwide. High value items are always come with insurance.

What is MRX Token?
MRX Token β(Beta)
MRX token is the “currency” of Merxum platform what can be converted to physical and or digital products offered on Merxum. At this point it can be only traded or exchanged on Merxum platform.