About Merxum

Merxum is a global business-to-business (B2B) wholesale trading platform of tangible products based on blockchain technology. Buy & sell products globally on Merxum platform – all payments are protected by escrow, products are inspected & shipped by Merxum

For Buyers

  • Buy real products at wholesale prices with crypto
  • Free escrow service on all your payments
  • Free product inspection before shipping
  • Low cost express shipping service worldwide

For Sellers

  • All payments are made in crypto and chargeback free
  • We release your payment to your crypto wallet once we receive your products
  • We ship your orders globally

Why Merxum?

Merxum development has started in 2016 by a team of e-commerce and blockchain professionals to improve the outdated international trade model by merging the e-commerce and blockchain technology.

Old Model
Currently, the international trade is still done in an old manner, where the trade is carried mainly offline, negotiations are done through email and phone, payments are sent mainly by international wire transfers and relationship between the buyer and seller is built based on online reviews  and trial orders.

Merxum Model
The buyer doesn’t have to worry about product quality or vendor’s reputation, because at Merxum we verify all our vendors and all transactions are carried through Merxum. Merxum acts as an escrow for payments, product inspector¬† and logistics provider in one.
Buyer makes payment to Merxum what’s automatically placed on hold and released to the vendor after the order is locally delivered to the Merxum’s logistics point. After products carefully inspected and verified by Merxum the payment released to the vendor and order is shipped to the buyer.

As a global b2b trading platform of tangible products we are headquartered in the heart of global trading and logistics hub in Hong Kong with multiple logistics points across China mainland.